Trivia Quizzes with Captur Paddles


Trivia sheetStudents can work in pairs or groups. The students come up with a trivia question and options.

They also fill in the prediction section of the trivia quiz sheet -- how many people do they think will answer correctly (all, most, half, some, none)? Why do they think so? Afterwards, they will be asked to compare their prediction with the actual results.

Giving the Trivia Quiz

You can opt to have students write the options on the board, or to simply say the option aloud. If aloud, they could do it like this:

  1. One student says the question.
  2. Another student says each option.
  3. The first student repeats the question.
  4. The students do a "countdown" for the rest of the students to show their answers ("3, 2, 1, answer!")
  5. The students count the answers, and write them in the "results" section of the handout

Alternatively, you may decide to have students write the options on the board, maybe because you have lower-level students, or maybe it's because the response options are more complex. In that case, prior to step 1 above, have the students write the options on the board.  For example:

Choice A fish

Choice Bmammal

Choice C reptile

Choice D bird

During step 2 above, the students point to the response options as they say them aloud.


Have students fill out the "remarks" section. Here, they can comment on how well or how badly their prediction matched the results. They could speculate on possible reasons for this.

We asked, "What kind of animal is a whale?" Our options were fish, mammal, reptile, and bird. Most students knew that whales are mammals, but some answered "fish". I wasn't surprised, because it's an easy mistake.

Teams Option

One option is to put students into "teams". You can have more than two teams. The challenge is to have the same number of students on each team. The students can count the number of correct answers for each of the opposing teams, and write the results on the board.

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