Captur is a great tool for opinion polls and surveys. It's better than hand raising, because with Captur, a teacher can have students all answer at the same time, with up to four options. In traditional surveys, the teacher may list each option separately, and ask students to raise their hands if they agree. The problem with hand-raising responses is that students can easily decide to simply follow the crowd, rather than risk standing out as the lone supporter of an unpopular option.

You can also poll students to see if they agree with an opinion or statement made in a video clip, in the news story, by the teacher, or even by a fellow student. After the statement, ask, "Do you agree with this?" Students can show A (agree), B (disagree), or C ("I need to hear that again").

Each student prepares three statements about themselves. Two are true, but one is false. Can the other students figure out which one is the lie? Can be done in small groups or as a class.


Use this when the textbook or workbook has a list of sentences that the students have worked on. If you do this before the class-wide speaking activity, it's a good warm-up to check their understanding of the items. If you do it afterwards, it's a good follow-up to review all of the items. You will read out the sentences, and students use their Captur paddles to let you know if the sentence is true about them, or not.

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