Captur Paddle Downloads

Choosing the paddle to suit you

There are three basic Captur Paddles available for download as PDFs. Please note that download and use is subject to our End User License Agreement.

Standard Captur Paddle Colour + Shape + Letter
I use this with young students who are over 11 years old, and with adults.
Junior Captur Paddle Colour + Shape
I use this with students who are between 7 and 11 years old.
Elementary Captur Paddle Colour only
I use this with students who are between 2 and 7 years old, printed at 80% size for smaller hands.

Making the Paddles

I think it is always good for users of tools to be involved in making their own tools. The exercise of making them is actually quite a fun process. Plus, your students will respect the paddles more by having made them. It will also show you straight away about the level of ability your students have at making them, as well as the respect they show towards what they are making.

The absolute best way of making a paddle is to print on card, then turn that same card over and print on the other side. However, there are lining up problems which having given me a bit of a headache.

Next best, is to print on one side of card of your choice and one side of sheets of paper. Cut out the card paddles and the paper paddles and match the paper ones to the card ones. This way you only have to glue paper to card once.

After your students have made their paddles, you could make the paddles more robust by laminating them. If lamination isn't available, simply buy a roll of transparent tape (you can buy tape which is nearly 5 centimetres wide very cheaply). Wrap this around the paddle from top to bottom. It will not quite get the edges but it will make the paddle robust and it'll keep it clean.

Note on Paddle Size

If you wanted to make the paddle smaller or larger, you could print at 80% or 120% size for example.

Have fun!

Paul Shimizu