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Why Use Captur? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Paul Shimizu   
Friday, 30 April 2010 18:06

CAPTUR is an acronym for Class Answer Paddle To Understand Responses. It is a hand-held tool for students, which has been developed jointly by Paul Shimizu and Bill Pellowe.

My initial reason for being involved in developing CAPTUR came about from discussions with Bill. At first I simply wanted something that would encourage more student participation and involvement with the view to getting more attentive listening from my students. I also wanted something decidedly low-tech, which would fit in with my general philosophy of being organic. Organic education for me is being in the classroom with very basic tools whilst attempting to stay in the focus of my students and having the students in my focus.


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    Ironically, the initial conversations... 6 years ago



May 21, 2016 at PanSIG Conference in Okinawa We're giving a demonstration of Captur paddles at the PanSIG conference in Okinawa. The conference dates are May 20-23, 2016; complete details are available on the PanSIG conference website.…