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Class Quiz Using Captur

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When we first started using Captur paddles in our classes, we were anxious to see what kind of reactions we'd get from the students. This is a report of using Captur paddles at a Japanese high school.

The Quiz

The class of 45 students were divided into 9 teams comprising 5 members each. All students were given a Captur paddle, and each group was given 2 or 3 question papers. The question paper was ten multiple choice questions (A,B,C ,or D).

The class had used Captur paddles before so they were familiar with its correct use. The rules were very simple. The students got a minute or so to mull over each question, and then the question was read out. The groups were then asked to answer with their Captur paddles. To ensure total participation and cooperation, each member of each group had to answer, but the answer of each group had to be the same or it voided their answer.

Lesson review

Despite the fact that this was a hurried experiment with a set of question which could have been better thought out and possibly more relevant to a class of 15/16-year-old relatively low-level students, the students responded with a 100% participation rate with no mistakes. This is partly a tribute to their homeroom teacher, who is extremely well-organized and dedicated. One of the reason for it working so well could also be attributed to the fact that the Captur paddles were used intermittently; students had a minute or so on each question before raising their Captur paddles.

The Questions

  1. Which of these rivers is the longest in the world?
    1. Amazon
    2. Mississippi-Missouri
    3. Nile
    4. Chang Jiang (Yangtze)
  2. Which of these rivers is the widest in the world?
    1. Amazon
    2. Mississippi-Missouri
    3. Nile
    4. Chang Jiang (Yangtze)
  3. Which of these mountains is the highest in the world?
    1. Mont Blanc
    2. Kilimanjaro
    3. Everest
    4. Fuji
  4. Which is the largest country in the world? (by area)
    1. Canada
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. United States
  5. Which is the smallest country in the world? (by area)
    1. Canada
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. United States
  6. Which is the smallest country in the world?
    1. Monaco
    2. Nauru
    3. Vatican City
    4. Tuvalu
  7. Which is the most expensive animal in the world?
    1. Tiger Python
    2. White Lion
    3. Hyacinth Macaw
    4. Chimpanzee
  8. What is the fastest animal on land?
    1. Ostrich
    2. Lion
    3. Antelope
    4. Cheetah
  9. What is the fastest fish in the world?
    1. Sailfish
    2. Great blue shark
    3. Bluefin Tuna
    4. Marlin
  10. What is the deepest sea in the world?
    1. Atlantic Ocean
    2. Indian Ocean
    3. Arctic Ocean
    4. Pacific Ocean

The Answers

  1. C. The Nile is 6,650 km (4,135 miles) long
  2. A. The Amazon is 6 miles wide in some places
  3. C. Everest is 8850 m (29035 ft) high
  4. B. Russia
  5. C. China
  6. C. Vatican City
  7. B. White Lion ($138,000)
  8. D. Cheetah
  9. A. Sailfish have been clocked at speeds up to 110 kph (70 mph)
  10. D. Pacific - deepest part is 35,827 ft (10,924 meters) deep
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