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Vocabulary Paraphrase

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With this activity, teachers can review vocabulary with their students. In EFL / ESL classes, this includes some listening practice, too.

You start with a list of vocabulary items that you want to review. These could be from students' homework, or the current chapter of the textbook. Prepare a short paraphrased definition of each word.

From Words to Paraphrase

You can distribute a list of the vocabulary to the students, or you can just write each word on the board as you come to them.

Tell the students that they're going to hear you say the meaning of the word, but sometimes you'll be saying the wrong meaning. The students use their Captur paddles to respond to you. "A" means "True" (the definition matches the word) and "B" means "False" (the definition does not match this word).

Choice A True (They match.)

Choice B False (They don't match.)

Say the word, and then say a short paraphrased definition of the word. If you're hoping to elicit a "False" response from the students, then your definition could be a near opposite of the real meaning, or it could be totally unrelated.

Here's an example:

Teacher: OK, here's the next word: "docile". This means angry and loud. Everyone, please respond.

Students show their Captur paddles. Nearly everyone answers "False" by showing "B".

Teacher: Right. "Docile" doesn't mean angry and loud.

If quite a few students get it wrong, be sure that the false definition wasn't misleading, or that the true definition wasn't too confusing.

From Paraphrase to Words

This is a variation of the above, except that this time, you won't need any false paraphrases. You start by writing four words on the board, with lettered labels (A:, B:, C:, D:) or use Captur board magnets, like this:

Choice A write the first word here

Choice B write the second word here

Choice C write the third word here

Choice D write the fourth word here

Read out a paraphrased definition. Students use their Captur paddles to choose the word that they believe matches the definition. After that, you should use the word in a sentence so that students can hear it in context.

Now, remove that word from the list, and replace it with a new word, so that students always have 4 choices.

When you remove a word, your options depend on how much board space and time you have. If you have plenty of both, then you can keep a list off to the side of all of the words you've already done. Add the most recently-answered word to this list, and then erase it from the list of options.

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