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Adapting Textbooks for Captur

Captur Paddle Adapting your current textbook for Captur activities is straightforward. If you like the textbooks you're currently using, you'll like them even more after introducing Captur to your classes. The first step is to just bear in mind that Captur allows you to see an instant response from every member of the class. This helps keep the students interested and focused, and it helps you capture a quick view of how well they're understanding the material. The ideas in the Adapting Textbooks section all revolve around using Captur to dramatically increase participation and involvement with your textbook materials.

Keep in mind that we're not suggesting that you use Captur paddles at all times during the class. If you're a language teacher, you understand the value of student-to-student interaction, and we're not trying to get rid of this. Instead, we're trying to make more interactive those portions of the class in which the teacher is leading the students through some kind of textbook activity, whether it's checking answers, introducing dialogs, pre-task language focus, etc.

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